EXOPLANETARY is a science-fiction podrama that follows four siblings, the Wolverton family, as they work for a giant corporation named Exoplanetary (“EXO” for short) in the 26th Century. Their bosses want to expand beyond our solar system, but the Wolvertons just want to enjoy their lives. Where do the morals and happiness of ordinary people fit in a universe full of rich and powerful interests?


About the Author

C. Christopher Hart is a novelist, playwright, and actor from Newport, Oregon. His formative experiences include twenty-three years as a member of the venerable Red Octopus Theatre Company and three years as the regular co-writer on Charles Marier’s independent comic book THOUGHTFUL MAN. His latest project is EXOPLANETARY, a serialized science-fiction podcast drama that takes place 500 years in our future.

Interview with C. Christopher Hart

Conducted by Robert Eversmann 

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EXOPLANETARY is a podcast about a supercorporation 500 years in our future called Exoplanetary, one of four that control pretty much everything in our solar system. Humanity was forced to leave Earth due to environmental destruction and overpopulation… too many people and not enough resources…

Exoplanetary and other corporations took the best and brightest out to the other planets, moons, and asteroids. The story is about four siblings who work for Exoplanetary and the problems that result when the corporation wants to expand.



Why should we listen to EXOPLANETARY?



Because you’re bored. Because you don’t like entertainment or art that’s spoon fed to you… already too much of that in the world. Because you have a sense of adventure. Because you’re concerned about many of the issues that I mentioned above. Because you’re at work and you don’t think your boss will spot you laughing.

I think that EXOPLANETARY will be huge among joggers and insomniacs.