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Episode 001 – The Complete Alice Wolverton
by C. Christopher Hart

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Alice Wolverton is looking for a job. Exoplanetary, one of the largest corporations in the solar system, has a job that might take her far. Alice contends with the moral, philosophical, and existential problems of becoming an interstellar traveler in the 26th century.

Firiel Elliott as Alice Wolverton
Mick LaFlamme as Edgar
Shawn Brateng as Grant
Danger Marshall as Dave
Conor Hughes as Father Stone

Original Music provided by Jacob Jensen
Musical Direction by Melissa Schenter

This play, the characters, situations, and associated intellectual property © 2014 C. Christopher Hart, all rights reserved.

Soda can sounds » Open can” by Cabeeno Rossley is used in an altered form under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0